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Certified Public Accountants  & Advisors

With over a decade of experience and client service, we offer clients the tools, resources and guidance necessary for all their accounting and tax needs. Clients receive the personalized attention and care they need in order to focus on the bigger picture. We get it right on the first go, as your partner we alleviate the stress of uncertainty, laying each brick perfectly for your foundation.

Our quality, your value, our pride.

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Your Trusted Certified Public Accountant

Simba / ('sɪm-bə) / (Swahili) - An E African word for lion

Our purpose: The Simba Group strives to be a trusted advisor to individuals and businesses in the greater New York City area, helping our clients build with pride. We provide quality services by meeting our clients at their needs, to build trust and confidence as trusted partners and advisors. We deliver on our promises by being reliable and flexible. In so doing, we play a critical role in building an equitable community.

Based in the Bronx, NY, we provide unparalleled, personalized services, including but not limited to assurance and accounting, tax preparation (both business and personal), consulting, payroll and business services, and financial consulting to a broad range of individual and business clients across NYC.

As your Certified Public Accountant, we are here to assist you in making sound financial decisions, made carefully, with the future in mind. We have the tools, the experience, and the ferocity to take care of you.

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Whether you need financial analysis, due diligence, tax planning and preparation, cash flow management, financing, or even succession planning, there are always ongoing concerns for individuals and businesses alike. These areas are just a small portion of the topics that will help you maintain and grow financially. Having a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an investment that will pay you back multiples in time, money and effort. Each individual boasting a CPA credential has had to spend innumerable hours learning and practicing, before they are ever considered equipped to be a trusted fiduciary of the public. Would you ever put your physical health in the hands of someone who isn’t credentialed as a health professional? CPAs are there so that you can treat your financial health the same exact care.  

Your financial health and survival depend on the care provided by a CPA, bottom line!

A CPA is not just there to ensure that your taxes are filed correctly – we’re here to support the decisions you make now for your future, with confidence and actionable intelligence.

Consider some of the important questions you'll be asked to answer on a regular basis:

  1. What strategies can I start implementing today to becoming more profitable down the road?

  2. How do I make sure that my business is not growing too big too quickly?

  3. Is now the right time to hire more staff, or do I need to wait?

In terms of your personal life, long-term success still requires you to consider certain questions on an ongoing basis:

  1. How do I make sure that I'm saving enough money to guarantee my children a quality education?

  2. How do I make sure that I'm doing what I need to be able to retire comfortably?

  3. How can I help my family become financially healthy now and ride that momentum well into the future?

Your legacy depends on answering these questions with certainty and confidence. A CPA will help you get to those answers with confidence. CPAs bring unparalleled experience, a reverence and yearning for continual knowledge and a sophisticated education that is priceless.

Education hasn’t stopped after obtaining a bachelor's degree, master’s degree, passaging rigorous examinations and satisfying experience requirements at the most renowned public accounting firms in the world. We put ethics first, upholding a code of professional conduct at all times.

A CPA is a great choice for your business needs (accounting, tax, assurance, advisory, etc.) because we're more than just a service provider — we are members of your pride, partners in your success, both personally and professionally. The significance of this alliance is something that cannot be overstated enough.


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